Music for Milonga

Pannonica Quartet is a saxophone quartet specialized in danceable tango (vals and milonga). What, Saxophones?! Yes, Tango Saxophone Quartet.

What makes the people dance? The hammering of the bit, the expressiveness of the musical phrases, a passionate interpretation, and a sophisticated delivery of the melody that offers a reliable embrace and  the energy to push the floor.

We have taken the arrangements by the essential orchestras such as DiSarli, Troilo, Pugliese, D’arienzo, Canaro, etc. And we have adapted them for our formation. So you will hear the same songs you love to dance, with a new sound.

Pannonica Quartet is proud to make people dance all over the word and to the sound of four old metal pipes.

We just released our new album “Danzarín” with all danceable tangos and milongas. If you are interested in having Pannonica Quartet perform at your venue, contact us for bookings. If you have contacts/leads for us please email

Paul Lamarque: Soprano sax

Miguel Ortega: Alto sax

Lucas Malec: Tenor sax

Juan Manuel Dominguez: Baritone sax