The History of Tango

This saxophone quartet, specialized in tango and music from the Argentinian culture, has spend the last years exploring and researching the essence of this passionate and yet elegant music.As a result the quartet has created this new show with the goal of presenting the listener with an overview of the different styles in Tango and how it has evolved through history. We explain about the main interpreters and composers that shaped this world-spread style that from the night clubs of Buenos Aires earned a place in the most sophisticated concert halls.

The show is divided into three main chapters:

1) The golden era of tango, in which we show the origins of tango rooted in the dance and the night live.

2) The avant-gardist Music of Osvaldo Pugliese, who brought the complexity of tango to its splendour.

3) Astor Piazzolla, the Neo Tango and the bridge with “academical music”

All this music is presented with original arrangements and adaptation of the music of the great tango orchestras specially written by and for this quartet.

Paul Lamarque: Soprano sax

Miguel Ortega: Alto sax

Lucas Malec: Tenor sax

Juan Manuel Dominguez: Baritone sax