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– Wonderful experience last Sept 10th with the great Juan Pablo Dobal at De Duif in Amsterdam!  Next stop Eindhoven with more Air for Tango!

– Ongoing tour Air For Tango on the move in the Netherlands! In collaboration with the outstanding dancers Ezequiel Paludi & Geraldin Rojas.
Check out all the dates of the tour, and join us where and when you want. All events with also be streamed via social media, for those who want to dance / listen from home!


Pannonica Quartet meet Ezequiel Paludi and Geraldin Rojas

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Date City Venue Country
Tour: Air For Tango
25/09/2022 Eindhoven SCALA, Tipo tango Netherlands
Time: 17:00.
Tour: Pannonica Quartet with Juan Pablo Dobal
10/09/2022 Amsterdam De Duif Netherlands
Time: 20:15.
Tour: Air For Tango
19/06/2022 Oosterbeek Flor de Fango Netherlands
Time: 18:00. Address: Concertzaal EventTheater.
16/06/2022 Amsterdam Milonga La Yumba Netherlands
Time: 20:30. Address: Oranjekerk.
Tour: A night in Buenos Aires
12/06/2022 Haarlem Theater De Liefde Netherlands
Time: 20:30. With singer Hetty Jansen and percussionist Sarif Tribou
Tour: Air For Tango
04/12/2021 Amersfoort De Danswerkplaats Netherlands
Time: 14:00.
06/11/2021 Groningen STAG Netherlands
Time: 20:00. Address: Van Swinderen Huys 19 Oude Boteringestraat.
26/09/2021 Arnhem Flor de Tango Netherlands
Time: 17:00. Address: Rozensteeg 3, 6862 DH Oosterbeek.

About Us

Tango Saxophone Quartet


The history of tango keeps on moving. Pannonica Quartet brings back the essence from the Golden Age of Tango through its four saxophones. Looking for the key elements that makes a dancer push the floor and the sounds that evoke emotion in the listener, Pannonica Quartet has dig into the arrangements of traditional orchestras and developed a unique interpretative style. Pannonica Quartet, awarded with the Doble Ocho International Tango Competition price, has performed in different cities of the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, France, and worked with international renown artists such as Gustavo Beytelmann and Arno Bornkamp. Their repertory includes arrangements from the traditional tango orchestras such as Tanturi, DiSarli, D’Arienzo, Canaro, Troilo and Pugliese, and their own personal interpretations of Piazzolla.


Arno Bornkamp

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Miguel Ortega



Lucas Malec

Buenos Aires,Argentina


Juan Manuel Dominguez

Buenos Aires,Argentina


Concert "History of Tango"

Music for Milonga

De Vier Saxofoons




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